SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship

The SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship
July 15-17, 2022
Mayhem On The Mississippi

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HOST HOTEL: We’ve selected the Holiday Inn Express as our official host hotel. Room rates begin at $129/night. We’ve reserved a block of rooms until 30 days prior to the match. Reservations can be made by either clicking here or calling (309) 517-6400 and ask to book in the Illinois State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship block.


The Illowa Irregulars and the Milan Rifle Club are proud to host the SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship.

  • Friday: Side & 3-stage Warm-Up matches;
  • Saturday: 6 Main Match Stages;
  • Sunday: 4 Main Match Stages followed immediately by an Awards Luncheon at the air-conditioned Milan Community Center.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES: We are also excited to announce two (optional) Special Activities during the SASS 2022 Illinois State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship:

  1. A Saturday evening Mississippi Riverboat Dinner Cruise aboard the Celebration Belle;
    • This will be a truly unique event in the annals of Cowboy Action Shooting,
    • Cowboy attire encouraged;  and,
  2. A Costume Contest (with roaming judges) for Best Dressed Woman and Man, and Junior Boy and Girl.

CAMPING: We are offering on-site dry camping, but there are also several full-service camping options in the area. See our Registration Form for more information.

OUR FACILITIES: Our cowboy town, Camden Mills, has 10 bays all with covered loading and unloading tables, and every bay has a carport to protect those waiting and watching from the sun and rain. Six of the bays have cowboy building facades. Also, the entire range is well-shaded, contained in a reasonably small area (short walks between stages), and the central pathway through the competition range is 100% paved. If you are unfamiliar with our range take a look at our Stage Photos section of our web page or just look around

180-shooter limit. We are placing a 180-shooter limit on attendance. The last Illinois State Championship drew 170 participants. Attendance predictions are always difficult, but it will have been a full three years since the last Illinois State Championship. Will demand be higher because of the gap? It’s hard to say. However, we’d hate to have someone miss the opportunity to shoot at the SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship because they delayed sending in their registration. It’s never too early to register to ensure you’re one of the fortunate 180.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Interested in supporting the SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship by becoming a Sponsor? Whether your a business, another Cowboy Action Shooting Club, or a personal benefactor, your support is important to helping us keep Cowboy Action Shooting alive and well in Illinois and the upper Midwest. We’ve several support options to meet virtually any budget. Click here to download the Sponsor Form to learn how you and your organization can support Cowboy Action Shooting and the SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship. Your support is appreciated.

Highlights from Illowa Irregulars’ August 2021 Cowboy Match

The August Cowboy Match is history and what at spectacular match it was.  It was a gorgeous day and all forty-eight shooters left with smiles on their faces.  

Thanks to Chancy Shot for putting together a fun match. Challenging and fun as only Chancy can write them.

We ended up with video footage of several shooters. While we’d like to get a video of all match participants, the videographer is also a match participant and simply can not get to everyone. So, for your entertainment, here are some highlights from Sunday’s match. 

This particular video is going  up on our website with a cross post to our Illowa Irregular Facebook page.

Next up is Fall Round-Up 2021 scheduled for September 24-26. Get your registrations in soon.  September 13th is our cut-off date for accepting new registrations. For more information and to download a registration form click here

Illowa Irregulars Stage 10 Rebuild is Finished

The rebuilding of Stage 10 is, for all practical purposes, complete. Work began July 19 with the teardown and removal of the old facade, and the rebuilding began the next day. The final coat of paint was applied August 12.

Many thanks to the numerous volunteers who, through their hard work and dedication, helped make this project a reality. Without our volunteers it couldn’t have happened. A special thanks as well goes to the Milan Rifle Club for supporting the Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Club.

We produced the following video to document, commemorate, and celebrate the project, and hope you enjoy it.

FRU ’21 Teaser #8: Are You Going To Pull Those Pistols?

We’re getting close.  It’s time to get serious about Fall Round-Up 2021.  As you will here Clint ask in this clip, are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie? 

Click here to view the video

We’d love to have you pull your pistols, and your rifle, and your shotgun, and join us at Fall Round-Up.  Side Matches, a Warm-up match and a free pizza party on the 24th, a Saturday night banquet and two fun-filled days of Cowboy Action Shooting on the 25th and 26th, ending with a Sunday afternoon awards luncheon.  There is no better way to kick off our upper-midwest Fall than to spend it in our cowboy town – Camden Mills.

If you’ve not done so already, download the Registration Form by clicking here.  For more information visit us at or send us an email by clicking here.

Happy Trails and we’ll see you soon.  Enjoy Video Teaser #8. 

Popcorn Kelly
Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting
Camden Mills
Milan, Illinois