Buffalo Shooting

llowa Irregulars and the Milan Rifle Club are pleased to reintroduce an exciting long-range shooting competition – the Long-Range Buffalo Shoot.  As you can see by the images below, the Milan Rifle Club offers a picturesque and beautiful range that is perfect backdrop for this sport – a herd of 33 Buffalo graving on a grassy field. We’re also one of the few clubs using reactive targets – reactive in the sense that the Buffalo targets fall over when hit.

To give a sense of what to expect watch this short video taken during our May 2023 Buffalo Shoot by clicking on the video below.

We typically schedule two shoots each year – on the 3rd Saturdays in both May and October.  Here is a link to Illowa Irregulars’ calendar

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary and have the big-bore Buffalo guns with calibers ranging from 38-55 up to 45-110, come on over for one of our shoots. No gas checks allowed. 

Here is a link to Illowa Irregulars’ calendar