Fall Round-Up Registrants – Updated

Here is an updated list of the cowboys and cowgirls registered for Illowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up.

Arizona Buffalo JoeClassic Cowboy
Badlands CharlieElder Statesman
Broomtail BetsyWorking Cowgirl
Chancy ShotF/C Gunfighter
Daisy AnnLady Wrangler
Deadwood KittyGrand Dame
Granville StuartCattle Baron
GrumpyElder Statesman
Justice James NewtonFrontier Cartridge
Katie TwoshotsLady Silver Senior
King Pin49’er
Mackinaw JackClassic Cowboy
Magnolia SteeleLady 49’er
Marshall MagooClassic Cowboy
Mel FunctionElder Statesman
Mountain Man Champ49’er
Pit MuleClassic Cowboy
Popcorn KellySenior
Rootin TootinElder Statesman Duelist
Rough Rider RonElder Statesman
Smilin DLady Silver Senior
Stogie Jack DanielsElder Statesman
Tomahawk JohnsonSenior
Tulsa TexElder Statesman
Wicker NashSenior Gunfighter

More names to be added as they come in. Hope to see you there!

For more information on Fall Round-Up click here.

Download the registration packet here.

Aug 15 WB & Aug 16 Cowboy Matches are ON!

Great news, the Wild Bunch match (Aug 15) and Cowboy match (Aug 16) are a go! Camden Mills survived yesterday’s wind storm with flying colors! While Stage 8 has a tree lying across its mid-section (see pic below), the rest of the town has only a few leaves and limbs strewn about. All storefronts survived intact.

Registration for the Aug 15 Wild Bunch match is at 10:00 a.m. with shooting starting about 10:30 a.m. Cost $5.00.

Registration for the Aug 16 Cowboy match is at 8:00am with the safety meeting at 9:00am. Cost is $10. Exact change is appreciated. Lunch will be available for purchase at the Cowboy match.

Hope to see you at Camden Mills this weekend. Yee Haw!

Popcorn Kelly

2020 SASS Iowa State Championship Summary

Several Illowa Irregulars attended the 2020 SASS Iowa State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship held July 3-5, 2020 at Coyote Gulch Range in Indianola, Iowa.  It was an excellent showing for our club with five club members returning home as Iowa Champions – Whiskey Rick, Rootin Tootin, Dimpled Darlin’, Cowboy Rick, and Popcorn Kelly.  Several others captured 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place finishes within their category.  Badlands Charlie was one of only five clean shooters for the entire match (60 total shooters). 

Here is the breakdown of Illowa Irregulars top finishers:

2020 Iowa Champions:

  • Whiskey Rick; Elder Statesman
  • Rootin Tootin; Elder Statesmen Duelist
  • Dimpled Darlin; Grand Dame
  • Cowboy Rick; Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
  • Popcorn Kelly; Senior

1st Place Finish

  • JW James; Senior
  • Count Sandor; Frontier Cartridge Duelist
  • Partners Partner; Lady Senior Gunfighter
  • Partner; Outlaw
  • Will Dunn; Patron

2nd Place Finish

  • Daisy Ann; Lady Wrangler
  • Shortcake; Lady Senior
  • Chancy Shot; Frontier Cartridge Duelist

3rd Place

  • Badlands Charlie; Elder Statesman

Clean Shooter

  • Badlands Charlie

Special thanks go out to the Fort Des Moines Rangers and all the volunteers for their hard work hosting and organizing this event. Well done! The range was in excellent shape and the stages were well-written – challenging but entertaining, and temptingly fast.  The weather cooperated this year – hot but manageable. 

Here is a link to State Shoot Winners and another to the overall match results.

Illowa Irregulars’ July 19, 2020 Match

We hope to see you at Illowa Irregulars’ first match of the 2020 season scheduled for July 19th.  Match Directors Mountain Man Champ and Daisy Ann have a great match planned.   For more information visit our website at www.illowairregulars.com or email us by clicking here.

Popcorn Kelly