August 20th Wild Bunch and August 21st Cowboy Match Information

Guess what?  It’s time for our August matches – a Wild Bunch Match on Saturday, August 20th and a Cowboy Match on Sunday, August 21st.  Match books are available for download – see the details below.

Wild Bunch Match: Saturday, August 20th, Registration opens at 10:00 a.m. with first rounds downrange about 10:30 a.m. Round Count:  6 Stages, Pistol 84, Rifle 60, SG 24.

Cowboy Match:  Sunday, August 21st; Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. with first rounds downrange about 9:15 a.m. Round Count:  6 stages, Pistol 60, Rifle 60, SG 22+

Click here to download the Cowboy Stages

Setup for both matches will begin at 9:00 a.m. Saturday August 21st and teardown will be Monday, August 22nd at 9:00 a.m.   Come on out and help set up and tear down if you are able. 


 Wild Bunch Info

Come on out and give it a go!  If you’ve not shot Wild Bunch before, its name gives you a clue of what to expect.  In addition to the traditional Wild Bunch classes, we are also offering an OPEN class for those who’d like to give it a try but perhaps not have all the equipment necessary. 

PISTOL: Don’t have a 1911 style pistol? NO WORRIES! Bring your Glock, Sig, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, etc. Any semi- auto with the capacity to hold a minimum of 7rds. A minimum of 3 magazines is required. You say, all I have is a double action revolver? You are in – again 6rds minimum x 3 speed loaders or full moon clips.

RIFLE: Don’t have a lever action rifle? NO WORRIES! You can use any rifle that will shoot a pistol caliber (38spl, 9mm, 45acp and 45 Colt) can be used. All Rifle Courses of fire are 10rds or less. Optionally, you can omit shooting the rifle course of fire.

SHOTGUN: Everyone has a shotgun. Bring what you have, SxS, Over & Under, Pump, Semi Auto and Single Shot. Sorry, forgot you Mossberg owners, magazine feed bolt action. All shotgun courses of Fire are 6 rounds or less.

The intent is not to eliminate SASS Wild Bunch classes, as we will be following guidelines set forth by SASS. Rather we are trying to bring more shooters into the game at the local level. As always, safety is #1!  Is this your 1st rodeo?  NO WORRIES, there will be plenty of seasoned rustlers to lend a hand and offer guidance.

IMPORTANTAll rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammo must be lead only; no jacketed or semi-jacketed rounds can be used. See the detailed ammunition description at the end of this post.

We are publishing the stages in advance.

Download the Wild Bunch Match Book here:  June 2022 Stage (will be available soon)


Here are the detailed ammo requirements as published in the SASS Handbook


·        May not be jacketed, semi-jacketed, hollow point, plated, or gas checked. It must be all lead. Moly-Disulfide, polymer coated bullets, or equivalents are acceptable.

·        Must be of “single projectile” design. “Multiple projectile” bullets are illegal.

·        Ammunition with bullets recessed below the case mouth is not allowed.

·        All center-fire or rim-fire ammunition must be designed to package the bullet, gunpowder, and primer into a single metallic case precisely made to fit the firing chamber of the firearm. The primer must be of the type that uses only a small charge of impact sensitive chemical that may be located at the center of the case head or at its rim.

·        Electrically fired ammunition is illegal.

·        Shotgun size must be number 4 lead birdshot or smaller for all events (no steel or plated shot).

·        Magnum and high velocity shotgun shells are not allowed.

·        Shotgun shells shall not be sized down (necked) by the use of any die not manufactured for the specific gauge.

·        “Coned” shotgun ammunition (partially-crimped or ogival crimped) is not allowed.

·        Shotgun shell shall not be scored (ringed) as to cause the shot-shell case, wad, and shot column to be shot from the firearm as one projectile.

·        Pump and lever action shotguns are not allowed to load more than two live rounds at a time in the main match stages unless specified in the stage description. In team events, shotguns may be loaded to their maximum magazine capacity

FRU 2022 – An old-style, historical cowboy shoot; Stage 7 – Don’t Hit the Props

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

RT’s wish is for you to hit all the Texas star targets while shooting your pistol.

(Oh, and don’t shoot the props with your shotgun.)

Read the stage description below to see what we mean.

Come on out for the last Fall Round-Up, at least for a while. Regardless of what you enjoy most about FRU: The fun side matches, the free Friday night pizza party, free Saturday lunch, the Saturday night banquet, or the free awards lunch and ceremony, the hit and miss tickets, or if you just enjoy the late September 3-day match at Camden Mills, come on out and help us pause FRU in style.

For more information, or to download the FRU 2022 Registration Formclick here.

FRU 2022 – An old-style, historical cowboy shoot; Stage 6 – Who has the Anchor?

What a stage: It begins with the stage line “I love anchor sweeps” followed by tossing a stick of dynamite into a barrel. The gun order will be Rifle, Shotgun, then Pistol. The rifle and pistol are shot by placing a round on the center target (the anchor) then placing 1 round on each of the other targets, alternating between them and the anchor.

Do you love anchor sweeps? We’ll find out.

For more information, or to download the FRU 2022 Registration Formclick here.

FRU 2022 – An old-style, historical cowboy shoot; Stage 5 – Tricky Shotgun – Hang RT Again

After last year’s Fall Round-Up, tensions were high. RT had just finished reviewing last year’s comments, and it was obvious: He was a wanted man.

Who remembers the singer/songwriter Roger Miller? One of his songs seems appropriate – can you guess which one? To give you a clue, here are some lyrics from one of them.

Dang me, dang me
They oughta take a rope and hang me
High from the highest tree
Woman, would you weep for me?

(I’ll bet many of you are hearing that song in your head right now!)

Well, RT learned his lesson and wants to make amends with this fast, fun stage. No rope needed. Take a look below.

For more information, or to download the FRU 2022 Registration Formclick here.

Reminders: August Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action Shooting Matches, and Sept’s Fall Round-Up

Much of our focus lately has been on the 2022 Illinois State Championship. Now that that’s over, it’s time to reset and refocus on our regular match schedules.

We’ve three events coming up soon.

  • Wild Bunch Match, Saturday, August 20th;
  • Monthly Cowboy Action Shooting Match, Sunday, August 21st; and
  • 2022 Fall Round-Up, Sept 23rd – 25th.

Mark your calendars and stayed tuned for more information, including the stages for the Cowboy and Wild Bunch matches.

You may notice that we are publishing one Fall Round-Up stage at a time leading up to the match. We’ve published four stages so far with the fifth stage scheduled to be released Wednesday. RT is putting together some unique stages you may only ever see at a Fall Round-Up. Click here to download Fall Round-Up’s registration form.

On a related note, this may be the last Fall Round-Up for a while, at least as long as we continue to host a state championship. Come enjoy it! You’ll be glad you did.

Illowa Irregulars