Announcing the SASS 2023 Illinois State Championship – Registration is Now Open!

We are pleased to announce that Registration for the SASS 2023 Illinois State Championship – Mayhem on the Mississippi scheduled from Aug 18-20, 2023 is officially open.  Illowa Irregulars are excited to bring Illinois another State Championship match and hope you will make plans to come join us for what we believe will be one of the best State Championships in the Upper Midwest and beyond. 

Planning has already begun:  Warm-up and Side Matches on Friday, two days of exciting cowboy action shooting competition on Saturday and Sunday, an optional Saturday evening Riverboat dinner cruise about the Celebration Belle on the Mississippi, ending with a catered awards banquet at a nearby, air-conditioned community center. 

Speaking of the dinner cruise, the 2022 cruise was very well received with many requests to do it again.  If you were on the cruise last year, here’s a chance to cruise the Mississippi again; if you missed it and wished you had gone, here’s your chance; or, if you are new to the match, here’s your chance to do something really unique – cruise the Mississippi River with your fellow cowboys and cowgirls dressed up in western attire, dining and enjoying the evening about the Celebration Belle.  Check out our videos discussed below to see some photos and videos taken about the Celebration Belle. 

A New Award:  We’re also planning to introduce an exciting new award for the “record books” (that’s a hint), an award that you’ll only find at the Illinois State Championship.  We’re still finalizing the details but we’re confident you’ll enjoy it.   More to follow in the coming weeks. 

Registration:  We are now offering two ways to register – our traditional printed/mailed paper form AND our new online form. 

  1. The traditional PAPER-BASED REGISTRATION FORM , available by clicking here; or

To learn more about our Host Hotel, the Celebration Belle Dinner Cruise or our On-site Camping, open the attached form or click on the following links:  Host Hotel;     Celebration Belle Riverboat Dinner Cruise;     On-site Camping.

Sponsorships:  We are also offering several sponsorship opportunities.  Sponsorships are a great way for you, your club, or organization to support Cowboy Action Shooting in Illinois and the upper Midwest.  We offer opportunities for all budgets.  If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring this event, see the attached Sponsorship packet or click here to download it. 

If you are unfamiliar with our club, the Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting club is located in Milan, Illinois, part of the Quad Cities area along I-80 at the Illinois/Iowa border.  The Quad Cities area has an abundance of nearby amenities, hotels, and restaurants very near the range making it a great place to host a match of this nature.  We are centrally located in the upper Midwest, 3 hours West of Chicago, 5 hours north of St. Louis, 3 hours southwest of Madison, Wisconsin, and 3 hours east of Des Moines, Iowa.  If you’re looking for a trip up to or through the Midwest, here’s your chance.  It’s a beautiful part of the country and travel is easy.  If you’re coming from afar, we’d make either a good destination or someplace to stop on your way.  Either way, consider yourself invited!

Illowa Irregulars’ Videos:  If you’re new to our facility we’ve several videos which will give you an idea of what we have to offer.  To get you started here are some links to a few videos:

  1. Click here to see a short video titled Enjoy the Zen.  It’s a quiet walk through our range at 6:00 a.m. opening day of the 2022 Illinois State Championship.  You’ll see that, in addition to several covered building facades, our facilities include covered loading and unloading tables and covered waiting areas at each of our 10, individually-bermed shooting bays, as well as a paved central pathway throughout our facility for easy passage between stages. 
  2. Click here to see Part 1 of a two-part video of the 2022 Illinois State Championship.  Click here to view  Part 2 which includes photographs of the event, including several photographs taken aboard the Riverboat while cruising the Mississippi.
  3. Click here to go to a list of all our videos which are located in the menu along the right side of the page. 

For more information about our range you can also view our Stage Photos and Facilities Description

We will continually update our website,, with the most recent information.  If you have any questions please email us


Popcorn Kelly, Communications and Website Director
Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Club
Milan, Illinois

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A brief look back in time

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

It’s always fun to rediscover things we’ve forgotten about or haven’t seen in a while. We ran across some old photos we feel are worth sharing – a few pictures taken of our original five stage facades, each of which is paired with an image of what the stage looks like today. I have it from some of our cowboy club’s wise men and women that the “Then” images were taken in late 2013.

As our 2022 season draws to a close and we prepare to move into a new year, we hope you enjoy this little look back from a short 10 years ago. We appreciate your support over the years and look forward to serving you in the years to come.


Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Club, a shooting discipline of the Milan Rifle Club

PS. Plans are well underway for the 2023 Illinois State Championship scheduled from August 18-20, 2023. We’ve 20 registrants already. If you need a Christmas gift idea, what better gift than to give your favorite cowboy or cowgirl the gift of the 2023 Illinois State Championship!

Stage 1: Then and Now

Stage 2: Then and Now

Stage 4: Then and Now

Stage 5: Then and Now

Stage 9: Then and Now

2023 Cowboy Calendar

Here is Illowa Irregulars’ 2023 Calendar. Click here or on the Download Now button below if you would like to download a copy. As we move through the year, be sure to keep an eye on any updates and/or changes to our schedule by checking the website.

Our club met Saturday, November 12 to discuss our 2023 plans, set Match Directors for each of our monthly matches, and make other decisions related to our club’s activities. There are two changes of note we’d like to share with you here:

  1. We are holding practices at 5:30 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, instead of midday Wednesdays;
    • Mid-morning Friday practices will continue to be held weekly at 10:00 a.m.; and,
  2. The Illinois State Championship will be held in August instead of July;
    • We’ve a 180-shooter limit again which means it’s never too early to register.

With that, Illowa Irregulars thanks you for your support in 2022, and we look forward to hosting you again in 2023.

2023 Practice Schedule; Competition Range

  • Fridays:  10:00 a.m. weekly, April 7 through October 13, 2023
  • Tuesdays: 5:30 p.m. 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month, April 11 through October 10, 2023

January 2023

  • Friday           1/21/2023         Iron Cowboy Setup, 3:00pm, Competition range
  • Saturday       1/28/2023         Iron Cowboy Match, 8:00am, Competition range

March 2023

  • Sunday          3/19/2023         Cowboy Indoor Match& Swap Meet, 8:00am, MRC Indoor Range

April 2023

  • Saturday       4/1/2023           Cowboy Cleanup Day, 9:00am, Competition range
  • Saturday       4/15/2023         Monthly Match Setup, 10:00am, Competition range
  • Sunday          4/16/2023         Cowboy Monthly Match, 8:00am, Competition range

May 2023

  • Saturday       5/13/2023         New Shooter Clinic 1:00pm, Competition range
  • Saturday       5/20/2023         Buffalo Shoot, 8:00am, 300yd range
  • Saturday       5/20/2023         Monthly Match Setup, 8:00am, Competition range
  • Sunday          5/21/2023         Cowboy Monthly Match, 8:00am, Competition range

June 2023

  • Saturday       6/17/2023         Monthly Match Setup, 9:00am, Competition range
  • Saturday       6/17/2023         Wild Bunch Match,10:00am, Competition range
  • Sunday          6/18/2023         Cowboy Monthly Match, 8:00am, Competition range

July 2023

  • Saturday       7/15/2023         Monthly Match Setup, 9:00am, Competition range
  • Saturday       7/15/2023         Wild Bunch Match,10:00am, Competition range
  • Sunday          7/16/2023         Cowboy Monthly Match, 8:00am, Competition range

August 2023

  • Thursday      8/17/2023         Setup ILL State Match – campers arrive below the hill in the afternoon
  • Friday           8/18/2023         Warm-up & Side Matches – ILL State Match Competition Range
  • Saturday       8/19/2023         ILL State Match 9:00am, Competition range
  • Sunday          8/20/2023         IILL State Match, 8:00am, Competition range
  • Monday        8/21/2023         Match Tear Down, 9:00am, Competition range

September 2023

  • Saturday       9/23/2023         Monthly Match Setup, 9:00am, Competition range
    • There is an AR competition on the 23rd until Noon; will need to set up either after AR competition or on Friday, September 22
  • Sunday          9/24/2023         Cowboy Monthly Match, 8:00am, Competition range

October 2023

  • Saturday       10/14/2023       Buffalo Shoot, 8:00am, 300yd range
  • Saturday       10/14/2023       Monthly Match Setup, 8:00am, Competition range
  • Sunday          10/15/2023       Cowboy Monthly Match, 8:00am, Competition range

November 2023

  • Saturday       11/4/2023         Monthly Match Setup, 10:00am, Competition range
  • Saturday       11/4/2023         Wild Bunch Match, 10:30 am, Competition range
  • Sunday          11/5/2023         Monthly Match, 8:00 am, Competition range                                               
  • ___________________          Range Winterization TBD
  • Saturday       11/11/2023       Annual Cowboy Meeting, 1:00 pm MRC Indoor Range

December 2023

  • Saturday       12/??/2023        Christmas Party, TBD

January 2024

  • Friday           1/19/2024         Iron Cowboy Setup, 2:00pm, Competition range
  • Saturday       1/20/2024         Iron Cowboy Match, 9:00am, Competition range
  • Saturday       1/27/2024         Alternate Iron Cowboy Match, 9:00am, Competition

Marshal Chance Morgun –

Sad news again. A good friend and fellow cowboy shooter Marshal Chance Morgun (Michael Fisher) has passed. Funeral services will be held at 10:00 a.m., Monday, November 14, 2022, at McGinnis-Chambers Funeral Home in Bettendorf.  Visitation will be held from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 13, 2022, at the funeral home.  Click here for more information.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Marshal Chance Morgun and his family.

Illowa Irregulars

Illowa Irregular November 2022 Match Results are Posted

November 6, 2022’s results are available on the Illowa Irregulars Scores page. Please note that the Overall, Category, and Clean Match Results are in a single file. We had a fantastic turnout – 33 cowboys and cowgirls turned out on this beautiful November day. This is our last match of the year.

Congratulations to Miss Shot and Foyster O’Rippy for winning overall Ladies and Men’s categories as well as to our 2 clean shooters – Fatboy Harley and Grumpy.