Scores will be uploaded to PractiScore after the end of each match. The link immediately below will take you to Illowa Irregulars’ PractiScore Account. To make this as easy as possible, you may wish to create a PractiScore account when using it the first time.

Illowa Irregulars’ Practiscore Results

Downloadable PDF Results

Scores will also be posted in PDF format for viewing and downloading, but depending upon the circumstances, this could take several hours, occasionally extending to the next day or so, to complete. PDFs of the results will be available in reverse order below (i.e., most recent at the top).

September 2023 Results – All Results

2023 Illinois State Championship – Combined Scores

2023 Illinois State Championship – Clean Shooter List

2023 Illinois State Championship – Category Scores

July 2023 Wild Bunch and Cowboy Results – All Results

June 2023 Wild Bunch and Cowboy Results – All Results

May 2023 Results – All Results

March 2023 Indoor Shoot – Combined Results Only

January 2023 Iron Cowboy – All Results

November 2022 Results – All Reports

October 2022 Results – All Reports

Fall Round-Up 2022 Results – All Reports

August 2022 Results – All Reports

2022 Illinois State Championship – Overall

2022 Illinois State Championship – Category

2022 Illinois State Championship – Clean Shooters

2022 Illinois State Championship – Side Matches

June 2022 Results – All Reports

June 2022 Wild Bunch Results

May 2022 Results – All Reports

April 2022 Results – All Reports

January 2022 Iron Cowboy – All Reports

November 2021 Results – All Reports

October 2021 Results – All Reports

Fall Round-Up 2021 Overall Scores

Fall Round-Up 2021 Scores by Category

Fall Round-Up 2021 Clean Shooter List

Fall Round-Up 2021 Warm-Up Results

August 2021 Cowboy Acores (All)

August 2021 Wild Bunch Scores (All)

July 2021 Cowboy Scores (All)

July 2021 Wild Bunch Scores (All)

June 2021 Cowboy Scores (All)

June 2021 Wild Bunch Scores (All)

May 2021 Overall

May 2021 Category

May 2021 Clean

April 2021 Overall

April 2021 Category

April 2021 Clean

November 2020 Wild Bunch Overall

November 2020 Wild Bunch Category

November 2020 Overall

November 2020 Category

November 2020 Clean

October 2020 Overall

October 2020 Category

October 2020 Clean

Fall Round-Up 2020 Overall

Fall Round-Up 2020 Category

Fall Round-Up 2020 Clean

Fall Round-Up 2020 Warm Up Overall and Clean Shooter List

August 2020 Overall

August 2020 Category

August 2020 Wild Bunch

August 2020 Clean Shooters

July 2020 Overall

July 2020 Category

July 2020 Wild Bunch Overall

July 2020 Clean Shooters

July 2020 Wild Bunch Categories

March 2020 Indoor

January 2020 Overall

January 2020 Category

October 2019 Overall

October 2019 Category

Fall Round-Up 2019 Main Match Overall

Fall Round-Up 2019 Main Match Category

Fall Round-Up 2019 Warm Up Match Overall

Fall Round-Up 2019 Warm Up Match Category

Fall Round-up 2019 Side Match Results

Previous Scores posted on the Milan Rifle Club’s website