Our matches are held in our cowboy town, called Camden Mills, which is located within the grounds of the Milan Rifle Club, one of the most scenic and beautiful facilities in the Upper Midwest.  Once you enter the MRC property, you’ll follow the asphalt-paved road as you wind down the hill, over the creek, and past the walled ranges, where you will find the entrance gate to Camden Mills.  Our goal is to offer the most complete and pleasant Cowboy Action Shooting experience possible. Here is a brief list of our amenities:

Shooting Bays: We have 9 traditional shooting bays plus a shotgun-only bay.  All bays feature natural earth side and back berms, which allows for the stages to be located immediately adjacent to one another, minimizing walking distances between stages. Six of the stages feature shooting façades, each of which is a different design.   The shotgun-only bay is the site of the Camden Mills Corral, and features a boardwalk and an asphalt paved shooting path, which provide shooters with a solid, stable shooting surface as they progress through the stage.

Covered Shooting Stages: Our facades are weather-covered on the up-range side, and feature multiple windows and doors from which we shoot.  Match Directors may also take advantage of the berms and require shooters to step off to the side or move downrange to engage targets.

Covered Loading and Unloading Tables: All bays have covered loading and unloading tables.

Covered Waiting Areas: In addition to the covered stages and loading and unloading tables, we’ve also placed carport-like structures adjacent to each stage, which provide match participants and their family members covered space in which to park their gun carts, or simply sit and watch the match.

For an interesting, beautiful, and serene view of our facilities in the winter, click here.

Food Service – Regular Monthly Matches: We offer freshly grilled hamburgers, bratwursts, and hot dogs, along with chips, soda and coffee for purchase during our regular monthly shoots. This service is provided by Alpha Beta Sorority, which donates all its proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Parking: We offer nearly unlimited parking just outside the gate to Camden Mills, making for a short walk while pushing the gun cart along the asphalt path to and through the town.

On-site Camping: For the Illinois State Championship only, primitive camping is available for those that want to bring an RV or tent.