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PractiScore Match Scoring Tutorial

PractiScore Tutorial Outline for Downloading

Here is a link to a set of instructions for using PractiScore to score Cowboy Action Shooting matches. We’ve done our best to develop a reasonably comprehensive guide, but this is not meant as a replacement of the instruction manual.

TG updates:

2023 Shooter Handbook Update

Clarifications for 2023 are reprinted below from the TG Wire, courtesy of PaleWolf Brunelle. Changes are highlighted in bold text. To download the updated SHB click on the SASS Shooters Handbook link above.

SHB p.4 (Ammunition Belts and Loops)

  • Rifle/Revolver ammunition may not be carried in a shotgun/shotshell loop.

SHB p.22 (Minor Safety Violation (MSV) infractions)

  • Leaving empty or live round(s) in a magazine, action, or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded.
  • Leaving an empty in the chamber of a long gun.

SHB p.34 (Stocks and Grips)

  • The length or style of stock may be altered or replaced (e.g., a carbine style stock may be interchanged for a rifle stock and vice-versa). 
  • Long gun stocks with a “pistol grip” configuration (e.g., “Mares Leg” rifle or “Terminator” shotgun) are not allowed.


  • Must be in a cartridge commonly available in revolvers. Examples include, but are not limited to, .32-20, .32 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .44 Magnum, .44-40, and .45 Colt. (Includes some semi-auto pistol cartridges, e.g., 9mm, 10mm, and .45 ACP).


  • Uberti 1873 percussion revolver (not legal in Frontiersman Category or Plainsman side matches)


  • Progressive Penalty – Procedural for the first infraction, Stage Disqualification for the second infraction, Match Disqualification for the third infraction. Example: failure to adhere to category requirements. Multiple infractions on the same stage are not cumulative.

2022 Update #2: New verbiage regarding loading table procedures.

The 2022 Shooter’s Handbook contains new verbiage regarding loading table procedures. (SHB, p.28)

Apparently, there has been a problem with some shooters not waiting to be called to the stage by the TO, but rather, carrying their loaded guns to the stage while brassers, target re-setters, and the like are still at work, which represents a significant safety hazard.       

To fix this problem, additional wording has been added.  The appropriate section of the SHB is reprinted below, with the new wording underlined. 

Be advised – the penalty for moving to the stage with loaded guns before being called by the TO falls under “Failure to adhere to loading/unloading procedures,” which is an SDQ!

2022 wording:

Competitors shall not leave the designated loading area with a loaded firearm unless they are called to the stage as the next competitor to begin the stage by the Timer Operator or Expeditor. (SASS 2022 SHB, pg.28)

Count Sandor, TG

Feb 2022


2022 Update #1: Newly Approved Part/Mod

This is a newly developed part/modification that has been approved by the ROC. The explanation below was reprinted from a February 3, 2022 SASS TG Wire post by Palewolf Brunelle.  This is a commercial item available from a SASS-affiliat3ed merchant.

Explanation: Basic design previously approved (i.e., Sure Hit brass sight). Material (faux ivory) and color (white) comply with current SASS allowed sight modifications (REF: SHB p.34)

Feb 2022


2022 TG Report

Count Sandor submitted his Territorial Governor’s Report at the January 16, 2022, Annual Cowboy Club meeting. The report included updates concerning recent changes to the SASS Shooter’s Handbook. The changes are summarized in the document below, but include the following points:

  • The addition of an 85+ shooting category “El Rey/La Reina;”
  • Defining “trigger bouncing” with a determination that it’s use in pocket pistol side matches is illegal;
  • The deletion of the terms Chief Range Officer, CRO, and CRO/TO;
  • The addition of malfunctioning/squib handling procedures; and,
  • Two newly approved firearm modifications.

See the TG report below for more information and a couple of explanatory images.

2022 TG Report

Jan 2022