Fall Round-Up 2020 Results Posted

The Illowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up is now in the history books and the results are available on our Scores website page.

We had a stellar set of Fall days on the range. Lots of smiles on cowboys and cowgirls faces all three days. For some, perhaps many, it was a crowing positive event in an otherwise remarkable year (remarkable for all the wrong reasons.)

Match Directors Rootin Tootin and Badlands Charlie put together 10 stages that were challenging yet fun. Many thanks to them for the hard work they put in all year putting this together and then pulling it off. Needless to say, it’s been an unusual year.

Thanks also to Chancy Shot for organizing the side matches, which included, among other events, the Running Buffalo – Individual and Team, 50 yard Pistol, 100 Yard Rifle, Speed Pistols, Pocket Pistol, Speed Derringer, Shotgun Star, Team Shotgun, and Long Range.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also thank all the volunteers (too many to name) that worked behind the scenes cleaning tables and chairs, moving and setting up targets and tents, and then tearing it all down again and putting them away. We couldn’t do it with your you.

Illowa Irregulars has already begun planning Fall Round-Up 2021, if not on paper, in people’s minds. We hope to see you there next year. More information to come.

On a related note, Illowa Irregulars is hosting two more shoots this year:

  • Sunday, October 18; and,
  • Sunday, November 1.

Take care and Happy Trails To You,

Popcorn Kelly

Gunsmoke 2020

Well, Gunsmoke 2020 is over. Several Illowa Irregulars were there, as were a few others who regularly shoot at Camden Mills. There were 157 shooters spread out among 12 posses this year. As always, it was good to see everyone.

I thought I’d take a moment and share some of the Illowa Irregulars successes, as well as the successes of those who frequently shoot at Camden Mills. The following is in alphabetical order by category.

  • Cowboy
    • Foyster O’Rippy – 3rd place
  • Classic Cowboy
    • Pit Mule – 2nd place
  • Grande Dame
    • Deadwood Kitty – 3rd place
  • Gunfighter
    • Billy the Avenger – Midwest Regional Champion
  • Lady Senior Duelist
    • Turkey Legs – Midwest Regional Champion
  • Lady Wrangler
    • Little Hermana – 4th place
  • Senior Duelist
    • Tuco – Third place
  • Senior
    • JW James – Midwest Regional Champion
    • Popcorn Kelly – 4th place
  • Patron
    • Will Dunn – 2nd place
  • Wrangler
    • Cowboy Carty – Midwest Regional Champion
    • JB Kidd – 2nd place

Overall Rankings: Billie the Avenger – 4th; Cowboy Carty – 5th; JB Kidd – 6th; Foyster O’Rippy – 7th; and, JW James – 10th.

Clean Shooter: Badlands Charlie, Will Dunn, Foyster O’Rippy
(This is a horribly incomplete list – CVV has not published a clean shooter list and I can’t remember all of them. I am certain I’ve missed several who would be listed if I only knew of them. I’ve requested the clean shooter list and will update this section if I receive it.)

Spirit of the Game Award – Posse 12: Popcorn Kelly

Here is a link to Gunsmoke’s scores for a complete review of the scores and categories.

Congratulations to everyone who attended. If I left anyone off the above list I apologize.

Now it’s on to Fall Round-Up. Work begins in earnest soon to get Camden Mills ready for what should be a magnificent weekend. Yee Haw!

Popcorn Kelly

Senior Division Screen Projection – I couldn’t help taking this pic
Stage 11

2007 Cowboy Shoot Flyer

Cowboy Rick came across this old flyer he’d saved from 2007, so I wanted to share it on our website so others could enjoy it. This was the inside of an 11×17 poster that was mailed to people interested in Cowboy Action Shooting at the time, and was one of the primary ways the the club promoted our sport.

If you recognize it, you’ve been a Cowboy/Cowgirl in and around the Quad Cities for awhile. If you don’t, it’s always fun to get a glimpse of how things were done in the early days.

Popcorn Kelly

Illowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up Update

Here is an updated list of the cowboys and cowgirls currently registered for Illowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up. If you’re planning to attend please submit your application soon. (See the information below.

3 Deuce CowhandElder Statesman
Arizona Buffalo JoeClassic Cowboy
Average Joe49’er
Badlands CharlieElder Statesman
Bertha BellCowgirl
Big CatSenior
BlindmelonElder Statesman
Bob WireSilver Senior
Broomtail BetsyWorking Cowgirl
Buckeye TrooperElder Statesman
Chancy ShotF/C Gunfighter
Cheyene CinderLady Silver Senior
Clara BelleBuckarette
Colt RugerSilver Senior
Comstock CharleySilver Senior Duelist
Count SandorF/C Duelist
Cowboy RickF/C Gunfighter
Cripple Creek Kory49’er
Daisy AnnLady Wrangler
Deadwood KittyGrand Dame
Deuces WildEl Patron
Dimpled DarlinGrand Dame
Dolittle B. ErnestFrontier Cartridge
Dresden BanditElder Statesman
Einstein JackBuckaroo
Elida Orga NizerLady Senior
Fatboy HarleyB-Western
Granville StuartCattle Baron
GrumpyElder Statesman
Henry MusgroveSenior
J. W. JamesSenior
Justice James NewtonFrontier Cartridge
Katie TwoshotsLady Silver Senior
King Pin49’er
Lawdog Dago DomF/C Gunfighter
Lester MooreSilver Senior
Mackinaw JackClassic Cowboy
Magnolia SteeleLady 49’er
Mel FunctionElder Statesman
Montana SlimFrontiersman
Mountain Man Champ49’er
Muleskinner MaryCattle Baroness
PartnerSenior Gunfighter
Partner’s PartnerLady Senior F/C Duelist
Pinto PonyLady Silver Senior
Pistol Whippin JimSilver Senior
Pit MuleClassic Cowboy
Popcorn KellySenior
Rattlesnake RenaeClassic Cowgirl
RedF/C Gunfighter
Rootin TootinElder Statesman Duelist
Rough Rider RonElder Statesman
ShortcakeLady Silver Senior
Silver Spurs CharlieElder Statesman
Silverado RiderF/C Gunfighter
Silverado’s SweetheartLady Wrangler
Slim Shady49’er
Smilin DLady Silver Senior
Smiling Irish MikeDuelist
Special KGrand Dame
Stogie Jack DanielsElder Statesman
Tomahawk JohnsonSenior
Trooper’s LadyGrand Dame
Tulsa TexElder Statesman
Two Gun GabeSenior
Wicker NashSenior Gunfighter
Will DunnEl Patron
Windy City CindyLady Senior

The registration deadline is Monday, September 14th.   The dates for the shoot are September 25-27. Side matches on Friday, September 25th and are included in your entry fee, and the main match will be September 26-27.  If you’re planning to attend please submit your registration soon.  The application is available on our website: https://illowairregularsdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/fru-2020-application.pdf

To speed up the packet pick-up process, please complete and bring both a Milan Rifle Club release form and Milan Rifle Club COVID-19 release form. These forms can be found here: 
Club Waiver: https://illowairregularsdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/mrc_release.pdfCOVID-19 Waiver: https://illowairregularsdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/covid-19_waiver.pdf

If you have questions, you can contact the match directors: 
Rootin Tootin: (563) 349-2273 mailto:prlucky299@aol.com;
Badlands Charlie: (563) 332-1615 mailto:chuckdoss@aol.com
or Justice James Newton: (309) 236-5082 mailto:illowairregulars@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Justice James Newton / Mountain Man Champ 
Co-Chairpersons, Illowa Irregulars

Fall Round Up Safety Information

Howdy Partner,

This email is intended to provide some additional safety information so everyone can feel as comfortable as possible coming to the September Fall Round-Up.  If you’re on the fence about coming, please know we are doing what we are able in order to accommodate your concerns.  We’d love to have you shoot. 

Illowa Irregulars held its August monthly match last weekend, with 36 cowboys/cowgirls participating.  This turned out to be a great practice run for Fall Round-up, particularly in terms of operating under our simplified Covid-19 protocols which are largely based on voluntary social distancing and respecting others’ spaces.  The match went very well. 

In addition to the simplified Covid-19 protocols we are also undertaking some additional safety initiatives for Fall Round-Up. 

  1.  We will have a single All-mask Posse for those who wish to be assigned to it.
    1. Shooters assigned to this posse must self-select into it and will be expected to wear a mask 100% of the time during the match. 
    2. Only shooters who select this posse will be assigned to it. 
    3. All other shooters will be assigned to posses on which masks are optional. 
    4. TO’s will be wearing masks when working as a TO on all posses.
  1. We will have sanitizing wipes readily available at each stage; and,
  2. We are also providing two surgical masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer to each shooter at check-in.
    1. Of course, except for those on the All-mask posse, masks are optional.  If you don’t want to wear them here, you may find them useful somewhere else – just our gift to you for coming. 

Just to be clear, if you want to shoot on a traditional posse you don’t have to do anything, you’ll be assigned to a regular posse.  However, if you want to shoot on an All-mask posse but haven’t registered, just write All-mask posse in the “posse with” section of the Registration Form.  If you’ve already registered and want to be assigned to the All-mask posse please send an email to illowairregulars@gmail.com with your name and Alias, and let us know you want to be assigned to the All-mask posse.

Rootin Tootin/Badlands Charlie, Match Directors
Illowa Irregulars – illowairregulars@gmail.com